Japanese ume rice mix

昨天工作到九点半才回家,赶在超市关门前买点东西。犹豫着是否要买迷迭香配炖羊肉养养胃,却偶然看到了“柠檬百里香”(lemon thyme),就是图中的那一枝(用作装饰也很漂亮),thyme和鸡肉很配,柠檬味的炒鸡肉一定更好吃!每天都售罄的鲜椎蓉也被我买到了,这个和鸡肉也很搭,干脆一起炒了。

Rushing to the supermarket at 9 past yesterday, just off work. I was thinking of buying some rosemary for the lamb, the meat that nourish the stomach (says traditional Chinese regimen, also grandma). But instead I was rather interested in the herb next to it – lemon thyme (as in the picture, good for decoration too!). Thyme goes great with chicken, not to mention the one with a citrus scent. I was even happier when I reached for the last pack of fresh shiitake mushrooms. They must be very popular in the City; they are always gone fast everyday!


Without fresh ume (a Japanese pickle, a type of plum), I just used ume flavoured ‘furikake’ – dry Japanese sprinkles made for plain rice (you can buy it from any Japanese supermarket). The pack I used has dried chopped ume and sea salt flakes. Japanese ume, you either love it or hate it. Not as peculiar as marmite though, you might just love it if you give it a try.

今天的蛋烧里加了Mozzarella cheese,黏黏的cheese含在嘴里有一种幸福的满足感。

I added Mozzarella cheese in the tamagoyaki (Japanese omelet), making it sticky and chewy in mouth, with a full and round aroma.


I had a G&T with my new colleagues after work. New job, new environment (the City!), I am loving it. Being recognised and seeing your potential unearthed day by day, that’s the work I’m talking about!

I did say I will translate my blog some time ago. Well, let’s do it now. I hope it’s better than the Google translate tool!


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  4. thecutestbloodsucker says:

    looks so beutiful n yummy~*

  5. Michael says:

    Hi. I happened to come upon your site through a link on WordPress. Thank you for sharing some of your recipes in English. I like to cook, and am going to try with my family.
    PS: You write well. Your entries are a nice mix of good pictures, a little bit about life and a recipe. Great blog!

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