My first bento

This was the very first bento I made, four months ago. I was so proud of it I decided to start a blog about it.


I guess it went well so far ;)


I can’t remember the weather on the 29th of November. But I was happy. Two months prior, We moved into the new flat. We fell in love at first sight with the dark wooden floor and the peaceful yard outside the balcony. The City is just minutes away. It was like a nice and quiet sanctuary secretly hidden underneath the big crowd.


OK, back to the bento. Although I was happy, but my refrigerator was not: we were running out of stock. Let’s see what we have got left:


  • half lettuce 半个生菜
  • a few rashers of streaky bacon 几条五花培根
  • a block of mature cheddar 一块熟芝士
  • a small pack of spinach 一小包新鲜菠菜

In the fridge:

  • frozen sweet corn 冷冻甜玉米粒
  • a pack of oven-bake fried prawns – Michael’s life-saving snack when I’m not around… 大狮子的“救急用”速食炸虾

This reminded me that I’ve seen so many times the picture of ‘spinach bacon rice rolls’ on food forum which was also shared on social websites. Mix cooked rice with toasted sesame and blanched spinach, then roll it with a thin rasher of bacon, then fry the roll to make the bacon seal. Sounds easy but it’s not – the bacon doesn’t stick to itself so it always let loose at the end. I guess the bacon I bought was too lean, it didn’t have much fat to burn to get sticky. It took me a while to make it sit still like this in the picture. You can also use a cocktail stick to fix it.


The hearts look lovely and I’m sure they got a lot of attentions from the readers. It’s in fact the easiest part: sliced cheddar cut by heart-shaped cookie cutter.

两个可爱的桃心是最吸引眼球的地方。其实就是用cookie cutter切出来的芝士片。

Ready-meals in the fridge always come handy when making bentos ;)


I love rice – my drawing canvas. Sprinkle some furikake and mix well, fill the rice in a heart-shaped mould and release the mould. Place the heart-shaped rice in the middle, and fill the blank with more rice. Or anything you like.


I will write more next week about the other bentos I made. Easter has been very short!!! =D



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6 Responses to My first bento

  1. DHL says:

    好~ 师傅来10屉!

  2. чаnn ⊙ Мui Zai says:


  3. writingbean says:

    please make me one! looks amazing! ^__^

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